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In looking at the fact that police officers can’t strike without reprimand, how would you ensure that police labor and the City were able to negotiate in good-faith?
the fact that police officers can’t strike without reprimand should the city negotiate in good faith?

No, one wants to go on strike, however that is the last resort for some.
If the city doesn’t negotiate in good faith, what about the well being of the city? The people the police are there to protect and serve?  My opinion is the union should do what’s right by the police and their rights, as it is their job to defend. Police should be able to go on strike and have the right to collective bargaining in good faith, and without being reprimanded. If all police departments went on strike at the same time as they did in Las Vegas with the Culinary and Bartenders unions. The more people there are the stronger bargaining chip there will be for the unions.

Is there a way to increase fairness to the employees and encourage bilateral negotiations without the leverage of a strike-capability?You could use positional bargaining to split the difference.


questions need answered and list references i started but not sure if i am on right track thanks

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