Race: Are we so different?

Please read through the requirements & using APA citation!!!!!!!!!!


Anthropologists are at the forefront of understanding cultural and biological variation in humans. For this activity, you will ‘visit’ a museum exhibition that was specifically created to address issues of race and racism. The exhibit is also available online, so we can access it for this discussion.

“This exhibition was developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota in collaboration with the American Anthropological Association. Since its original run in 2007, RACE has sparked conversation and contemplation at institutions in over 25 cities all across the United States. By deconstructing historical, scientific and social ideas of race, the exhibit helps guests understand what race is and more importantly, what race is not. It accomplishes this by focusing on three main themes: the everyday experience of race, the history of the idea of race in the United States and the science that is challenging some commonly held ideas about race.” (Quoted from http://www.pacificsciencecenter.org/Exhibits/race (链接到外部网站。))

The exhibit came to Seattle at the Pacific Science Center, so perhaps you may have seen it in 2013/2014.


1. For this activity, first read the textbook material on race so that you understand the anthropological viewpoint on this subject.

2. Review the textbook PowerPoint on Chapter 14-Inequality posted in this week’s module.

3. Use the website below to complete the research. It is the online version of the touring museum exhibit which you can access electronically:http://www.understandingrace.org/ (链接到外部网站。)

4. After the website Introduction, you will see this page.

RACE-AAA-Home page.JPG

Click on the middle image/title labeled “Human Variation” (Please note that the large composite photo on the left of this page will continuously change so that you may not see the exact image.)

5. Once you are on the “Human Variation” page, FIRST take the “Human Variation Quiz” and keep track of your results. There are 10 questions, so you should record your score out of 10 points.

RACE-AAA-Human Variation page.JPG

6. After you finish the quiz and have recorded your score, proceed through 5 of the 6 parts (The Human Spectrum; Only Skin Deep; Our Molecular Selves; Health Connections; Race and Human Variation).

7. Re-take the “Human Variation Quiz.” Keep track of your score and note if the first quiz score is different from the second quiz score.


Answer the following questions as thoroughly as you can. Each answer should be several paragraphs long with details. Be sure to cite references when appropriate.

  1. What evidence was presented in the exhibit that debunks the concept of race as a natural or biological category? Discuss at least 3 different types.
  2. Report your two quiz scores. Analyze your quiz scores and discuss reasons for either differences or similarities in performance.
  3. How does the material in the textbook and the exhibit exemplify the anthropological perspective on race? How does this perspective compare to how you previously have thought about race?

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