Unit 2 Assignment: Cloud-Based Management File Techniques

Unit 2 Assignment: Cloud-Based Management File Techniques

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:

  • Practice basic file management techniques.
  • Use cloud-based services to manage files and folders.

Course Outcome:

IT133-1: Use the computer operating system and cloud-based services to set preferences and manage files.

GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.


Create file and folders in OneDrive. Learn more about sharing and collaboration using cloud-based OneDrive.

Installing Office and Activating OneDrive Assignment Instructions:

Step 1: If you do not already have either Office 2016, or Office 365 installed on your computer, download and install Office 365 from the Student Store.

NOTE: If you already have Office installed on your computer, please skip Step 1 and move on to Step 2.

Two versions of Office 2019 are available to you: Office 365 and Office 2019. Each has its advantages. Although this course focuses specifically on Office 365, you can certainly use Office 2016 to complete this course and its associated modules.

After you have successfully installed Office 365 on your computer, please move on to the next step in this Assignment. If you already have Office 2016 or Office 365 installed on your computer, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Activate/Create your OneDrive account

Getting to know your new Office 365 subscription, setting up your OneDrive account to sync, and managing your Office subscription online are the powerful features of cloud computing.

Managing files and folders on the cloud is much the same as you do on your computer. You can easily create folders and files in the cloud on your OneDrive.

Follow these steps to create your OneDrive account if you do not already have one. Note that OneDrive comes preinstalled on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. OneDrive is not supported on Windows XP or Linux.

Assignment Instructions

  1. Log into https://onedrive.live.com
  2. Click the Sign-Up button
  3. Select Create a Microsoft Account button
  4. Fill in the Create an Account form
  5. After you have filled out the form click the “Create account” button and that is all there is to it.Now that you have created your OneDrive account, you are ready to move onto Step 3.

Step 3: Setting up a folder in OneDrive for your class files

  1. You will create one folder Name that folder IT133
  2. Take a screen shot of OneDrive with the folder named IT133
  3. Add one file to the IT133 folder (Example: Unit 2 Assignment, similar document, or image)
  4. Take a screenshot of your OneDrive screen at http://onedrive.live.com
  5. Place it in a Microsoft Word Document.
  6. The screenshot will include OneDrive > The folder IT133 > The Unit 2 Assignment documentHere is an example of what it might look like.

Step 4: Reflection

Compose a narrative essay depicting the process you personally used to ensure steps one through three above were completed correctly. Using a highly developed viewpoint and purpose, express how you believe these steps, particularly step three, will be useful to you academically, professionally, or personally. Your Assignment should be written using Standard English and should demonstrate superior organization. Communication should be highly ordered, logical and unified. Your Assignment should display exceptional content, organization, style and mechanics.

The reflection should include the following steps:

  1. What did you do to complete Step 1?
  2. How did you complete Step 2
  3. How did you create the folder?
  4. How did you add the file to the folder?
  5. How do you believe that the steps especially step three will be useful to you academically, professionally, or personally?

Your paper must be at least 4 pages in length. Step 4 – the Reflection should begin below the two screen shots and it should be at least one full double-spaced page. Here are the paper requirements:

  1. Include a Cover/Title page at the beginning of the document
  2. A separate last page for the references; the word “Reference” should be centered and placed at the top of the last page of the document (Reference page)
  3. At least one (1) page for the Reflection. The screen shots should be placed on the first page in the body of the document. A total of at least 2 pages for the body of the paper (The screen shot is included in the body of the paper).
  4. The completed paper will be at least of 4 pages (Title page, Reference page, Screenshot page, Reflection page).
  5. Font: Times New Roman 12 pt. or Arial 12 pt. Double spacing is required.
  6. Place the screen shots below the cover page.
  7. Include a Reference to OneDrive in the References page
  8. Choose the “Normal” setting to add 1” margins to the document.
    1. Click on Page Layout
    2. Go to Margins
    3. Click on Normal

Additional Resources

How to add a Cover Page: On the insert tab, click Cover Page. Choose a cover page from the gallery of options. Replace the sample text with your own text. (For all users)

How to add a Page Break to create a separate page: Place the cursor where you want to start the New Page > Go to the insert tab, choose pages > click Page Break…

Mac Users:

How to insert a Manual Page Break: Place the cursor where you want to start the New Page > Go to the insert tab > click Page Break…

How to reference a Website in APA

  1. Structure: Last Name, F., (Year Published). Article title. Retrieved from URL.
  2. Example: Young, A., (2015). More on operating systems. Retrieved from www.os.com

How to cite a source in APA

  1. Structure: (Last Name, Year Published).
  2. Example: (Young, 2015)

The paper must be written in your own words. If, you include some material from the Web, cite all sources used and include the references on the References page. In your paper you must demonstrate knowledge of this week’s topic(s). Your goal is to demonstrate to your Professor that you understand this material.

For more information on APA style formatting, go to Academic Writer, formerly APA Style Central, under the Academic Tools area of this course.

Also review the university policy on plagiarism. If you have any questions, please contact your professor.


Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty. It violates the University Honor Code, and the offense is subject to disciplinary action. You are expected to be the sole author of your work. Use of another person’s work or ideas must be accompanied by specific citations and references. Whether the action is intentional or not, it still constitutes plagiarism.

For more information on University’s Plagiarism policy, refer to the current University Catalog.

Step 5: Submit your Assignment to the Dropbox

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment

Compose your Assignment in a Microsoft Word document and save it as IT133_Unit_2_LastName.docx and submit it to the Assignment Dropbox for Unit 2.

Review the rubric before beginning this activity.

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