Finding a recent article about Cyber security threats on the News.

Finding a recent article about Cyber security threats on the News. It has to be no older than 2 months and about Cyber security threats. I’ll submit a file that has the requirements in how the report should be done. You will have to erase the red color sentences and write beside the black color. Make sure that the article is not older than 2 months and has a correct source information, so I can find and print out. It is only one page long.

Information Security Report (ISR) #change ‘x’ to indicate 1,2,3,4 or 5

Date: the due date for the report

Author: your name

Threat Name: the name of the threat you are writing about

Threat Description: a brief description of the threat you are writing about, from your perspective

Next Steps: in your opinion, what should your organization do to mitigate this threat?

Source(s): list the sources from which you gathered the information for this report; use APA 6th formatting for your sources

INSTRUCTIONS (remove this section from your final report; included here for directional purposes only)

1. Using the Internet, find an article/story on a current cybersecurity threat or vulnerability, and summarize your research in a one-page Information Security Report (ISR).

2. Change the ‘x’ in the header to reflect the edition of this report; either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

3. Insert the due date for this report.

4. Insert your name as the author of this report.

5. Insert the name of the threat you are reporting.

6. Insert a few paragraphs describing the threat you are reporting. No more than one (1) page.

7. Describe the next steps that your organization should take to mitigate this threat using the risk control strategies we discussed in class.

8. Clearly list the sources you referenced to gather information for this report. Your citations should be written using APA 6th format.

9. Insert your login id in the footer, following the words ‘CSCI ’.

10. Be sure there is no red text in your final report, unless you purposely used red text to highlight something you reported.

11. Submit via Canvas drop box. Academic integrity, spelling, grammar, attention to detail, and readability are critical for a good grade.

CSCI insert your username here v1.7 Page 1 of 1

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