Need help to write Religion essays (5 essays)

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The class is called Islam and the West

Those are the dates of the document that I need to write an essay about 

September 4,11,16,21,23


Margins: one inch on every side_x000D_
Spacing: single_x000D_
Font: 12 point Times or Times Roman or Times New Roman_x000D_
Length: 3 pages_x000D_
-- On the first line state your name and the date (not the date on which are writing, but the date on which the report is due)_x000D_
-- On the second line state the name of the author, the title of the work, and the pages of the selection to be treated._x000D_
-- On the next line, identify the number of the reading report. The third that you've done. The tenth that you've done. Etc._x000D_
Skip a line._x000D_
1. One sentence in bold type face, describing something about the reading that you think would merit discussion in class; followed by a short paragraph in normal type face explaining why you think this topic is significant._x000D_
2. Repeat._x000D_
The second page consists of an outline of the assigned reading. The outline should focus not just on content but also on the logical structure of the reading. The use of heading, subheadings, etc., will often but not always be helpful. You will want to fill the entire page -- too short and you're likely not including enough detail; too long, and you're likely including too much detail._x000D_
The third page is a narrative summary of the reading. Your aim here is to summarize in a concise manner what the reading is about._x000D_

Basically first page is two questions with two simple answers

second page is bullet points

third page is translating those bullet points to sentences 

An example of how the essays should be is attached 


Ps:max is $15 per essay. This means the the $ 75 that is posted is the max total for all 5 essays 

all of them need to be done by due date


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