COM112 Effective Speech Communication, writing assignment help

The class I am taking is COM112 Effective Speech Communication. My instructions are:

Research and critique the speech and write an analysis of the speech (2 pages). The final draft should be typed, double-spaced. A works cited section should be included at the end of each paper, following APA Format for all sources used.

I need a critique and analysis on is John  F.  Kennedy Ich bin ein Berliner (I am a ‘Berliner’) speech which was delivered 26 June 1963, West Berlin.

Above is a link that takes you the written speech as well as the video/audio of the speech.

The written analysis should include all of the following:

•setting/purpose of speech

•discussion of the speech’s strengths and weaknesses

•rhetorical/stylistic devices

•audience adaptation

•analysis of 2 direct quotes

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