Module 4 Evaluating Sources Discussion, writing homework help

It is important to be able to evaluate your sources and determine their appropriateness for use in your research.

Consider some of the sources that you have looked at in your research. In your initial response, discuss two sources you evaluated for your persuasion-based research paper. My topic is The issue of existence of God. One source you have decided to use and one that you rejected, and why. In your response, provide a link to the source and provide at least two to three reasons why you judged the article as suitable or unsuitable to use in your research paper. Provide support for your reasons, utilizing the questions below as guidance in supporting you choices.

The following are questions you should always consider when evaluating a source:

  • Who is the author? Are the author’s credentials credible?
  • When was the information published? Is the date appropriate for the topic being researched?
  • Is the information free from errors?
  • Does the source include a bibliography that cites previous studies or other relevant information?
  • Is the source unbiased and objective?

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