My topic : Is Global warming a problem and if so, what can we do about it?

Be sure to place your thesis at the very end of the introductory paragraph for this class.  Do not try to imply your thesis and confuse your audience. Students have selected their topics, and now they must develop a tentative thesis statement to help them initiate a focus to conduct relevant research.  Remember that one quality of a strong thesis statement it that a thesis can and often will change as research deepens. Dig deep to disclose the facts.

The final draft of the Position Paper is due in Week Five, and it should incorporate feedback from the Week Four Writer’s Workshop.

My topic : Is Global warming a problem and if so, what can we do about it?

I. Background, position, thesis

  • write a lead-in/ hook/interesting statement

  • write background on the question or the article

  • restate the EQ and answer it- this is your thesis- take a clear position in the thesis

II. Support your position/thesis with a fact or quote

Make a sandwich in each paragraph

The sandwich is a example by the instructor as to how he wants it done thanks


your words intro the quote

The meat:

“quote the source”

Quote the article

The mayo

cite the source

The bread

interpret the quote with your own

restate, explain, evaluate or analyze the citation form the article

III. State the other side, support with a quote.

Make a sandwich of the quote that supports the other side

IV. Connect to a principle of the US Constitution, economics or historical document

Clearly/ obliviously connect the EQ with a principle of the Constitution, historical

document, or principle economics

Make a sandwich of the quote that connects to the constitutional principle.

V. Clearly restate your position and the significance of the issue as a conclusion

Restate your position

Sate the significance of the EQ

“A call to action”

Although a position paper is argumentative, this does not mean that the essay should be written in a narrow and aggressive tone because this will not produce an effective argument.  The research you use to support your position will determine the outcome for your argument.  If credible scholarly research does not support your thesis, then, you will need to rethink your position because this may indicate that your thesis is not supported by credible peer-reviewed research written by scholars who are experts. Using the internet to find personal opinions and non-credible research will weaken your paper and lower your grade. Keep in mind that a position argument is powerful because within this argument, you can use a combination of writing techniques that you learned earlier in class.  In other words, you can explain and evaluate to explicate in favor of your position, and you can explain and evaluate specific research to refute your opposition. Importantly, you must develop the skills to defend your position, while still showing the other side of the argument in a scholarly way. Remember that learning how to defend an argument will be a rewarding skill used throughout college and throughout life. Create an outline to keep your paper structured.

Students must write their drafts for the discussion forum workshop this week. This position paper will require a minimum of five (5) academic sources for support.  View the two brief videos herein to assist with gaining a bit more perspective regarding position papers

Students’ thesis statements should be formulated to meet the scope of the assignment, and the evaluation paper should be around 2-3 pages long. Focus on the qualityof the paper, and meet the required quantity.  As you revise your paper, decide how to make your writing more concise, and avoid redundancy. Provide adequate research to support your thesis. Be aware that you must cite in both places to avoid academic dishonesty.  In other words, every source on your reference page must have a matching in-text citation (parenthetical citation).  If the information is not common knowledge, you must cite the source.

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THE Sandwich idea is there to show you how i

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