look for alternative ways of facilitating dating and not traditional approaches alone.


The topic I have chosen to focus on for my final project is traditional dating versus online dating. To summarize, the topic and theme presented in the article are concerning the variations between traditional and online dating. Information regarding the preference and which one is better than the other is also examined. The premise or premises for the argument is/are that various individuals should cease from complying to social media dating norms concerning dating. They should look for alternative ways of facilitating dating and not traditional approaches alone. According to (“Huffpost Is Now A Part Of Oath”) there is no one size fits all formula” and the best dating approach is attempting different dating strategies which best addresses your dating needs rather than trying to fit into the pattern set by a given society. This topic is relevant and being discussed because of the popularity and impact that online dating has emerged to have in this technological era. Online dating is currently part and parcel of the daily lives of many people. It is this popularity that has enhanced confusion amongst people, making it a dilemma on which method to apply. The personal connection I have to this topic is, I actively take part in online dating, and I cannot remember the last time I participated in traditional dating. This topic is of particular interest to me because being an active member of online dating club, and I feel like I will be in a better position to learn more about the differences between online and traditional dating.

Presented Arguments

The argument being made by my chosen article/artifact is that one has to make use of both traditional and online dating approaches if he/she wants to be successful in dating. They are expected to make use of online and off dating strategies simultaneously. According to the author, relying on traditional dating approaches is not sufficient even for an average dater’s living style. This argument is based on the following key facts, research, and resources: Authors research and opinions. The author makes use of her views, and besides, 20 years of experience in online dating as a coach in supporting her arguments. However, she does not make references to scholarly articles or even factual evidence. The logic and reasoning used to advance this argument is efficiency, opportunities, social norms, and finally, ways through which online dating commences currently. For each of the option provided, the author lists five merits and demerits. Examples include lack of sense for any individual to lie regarding age and gender. Considering the premises and conclusion that are advanced in the article, the logic, and reasoning used to improve the argument is an inductive argument. Spira’s an argument can be easily be deduced despite that fact that there is no evidence and factual information given regarding the same. To make her arguments stronger, the author provides descriptions of the pros and cons of either dating approach. Understanding and successfully evaluating the aspects each approach enhances the knowledge of the methods. Trying different methods until you meet one that can address your challenges is the only way through which dating can remain a success. I have the following questions that are not answered by the article: What factual data is in place to help determine which dating method is better than the other? Although I can agree with various aspects of the information since I have been dating online for quite some time, I might need factual information to serve as proves of the author’s knowledge. Therefore, a gap or weakness in the article is absences of accurate and evidence-based information, thus questioning the authenticity and competency of the item.


“Huffpost Is Now A Part Of Oath.” Huffpost.Com, 2019, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/online-dating-vs-offline_b_4037867.

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