Presentation on a developmental disability

first one: hunter syndrome

Presentation on a developmental disability. Remember to cite references and have a reference page using APA. Topics that must be included: etiology, signs or symptoms of the diagnosis, how might one know that a person has this developmental disability, treatment/intervention strategies, educational/vocational prognosis for people with the diagnosis, and one fact that you learned during your research that was unexpected. Other interesting information that you may want to include are famous people who have the diagnosis, or current cultural information. Students must use a minimum of 7 sources with 4 of them being from peer-reviewed journals and your book ( A comprehensive guide to intellectual and developmental disability second edition ). You will prepare a fact sheet for your classmates from your research.

Second one down syndrome

Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes relevant information about it. Make sure to cover the DSM criteria, the history of the disorder, etiology, treatment, and prevalence. Any other pertinent aspects are welcomed, but the aforementioned criteria are required. You may want to embed videos into your presentation or other web resources. Find at least 3 current scholarly resources (one of which can be the DSM-5, and the other two must be from other sources) about the disorder and discuss them

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