Identifies and sequences main ideas and details of a literature text, questions help

Question one

Select one of the following broad learning outcomes:

  1. Identifies and sequences main ideas and details of a literature text.
  2. Applies higher-level comprehension strategies (predicting, visualizing, questioning, making connections, and making inferences) to a science content area.
  3. Discerns and explains the theme of a literature text.
  4. Compares and contrasts two or more characters or elements of a literature text.

Research performance-based assessments and identify five types of performance-based assessments that could be used to assess the selected learning outcome.

Write a 750-word essay in which you describe each and how it could be used. Also, identify the one you would be most likely to use and briefly describe why.

Be sure to cite your sources for the assessments.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines.

Question Two

Select an elementary grade level and using the class profile provided to you, create a 7-10-slide PowerPoint or Prezi presentation that you will share with parents of your students at an upcoming open house. Your presentation should include the following components:

  1. Your philosophy on assessment
  2. A range of types of assignments the students will receive
  3. Your evaluation and assessment practices
  4. Your practices related to diversity, including all accommodations
  5. An explanation of what your assessment practices look like in your classroom, both formative and summative
  6. Details of your grading system and reporting practices while addressing any ethical and/or legal issues related to students’ rights and teacher responsibilities
  7. Identify illustrative items and tasks from the state-based assessment administered in your state

Be sure to use scholarly writing and include in-text citations where needed as well as a reference slide.

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