Anthropology assignment for artifact

I have an Anthropology assignment. This assignment is to read the word file that i attached and start comparing among the different potteries. The title is Typology and the Kura-Araxes at Arslantepe. There are questions that need to answered after looking at them. You can find the details inside the shared file.

There are three categories of artifacts: pottery vessels A-O (and cooking pots P1 and 2), Spear points SA-SE, and decorative pins to hold together women’s clothes.

For each category, you need to figure out types in terms of the questions of which population is which and how they interact. Which types typify which group (ultimately you will need to see where they are found in each building and what that implies about the people and their relationships).

Please be aware of plagiarism and it should be 12 inch and double spaced in MLA style. It’s not essay, just answer the questions. Maximum pages is 2.


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