Have you completed the ILT for each week?

Independent Learning Tasks

Description:  Responses to ILTs (see Study Guide for tasks). To be posted to the Discussion Board on a weekly basis from Week 1-12.

Weighting: 20%

Length: 100-200 words per post (2000 words total)

Due: Monday, Week 13, 10pm AEST.

Assessment Rationale

This assessment is the online equivalent of tutorial participation. This task encourages students to critically engage with the course materials, their peers and their tutor through weekly on-line discussions.

Assignment procedure


1.      Each week write a response of 100-200 words to the Independent Learning Task (ILT) provided in your study guide. The response should demonstrate your critical engagement with the unit content, the textbook and readings. Post your response in the COM21 Discussion Board under the thread titled Independent Learning Tasks and under the correct week for each specific task.


2.      Each week comment on the ILT responses made by two of your peers. Your response should elaborate some issue with reference to your own experience or academic argument. This is a place for informed comment and not unsubstantiated opinion or chatting. You required to post a minimum of two responses.


3.      Each week collect your own original responses to the ILTs and your two best responses to peers in a Word document, that is, one ILT and two posts to peers for each week.

This will be the document you submit to your tutor at the end of the study period.


While we do want you to post across the study period, we understand that sometimes work or family pressures may make this difficult. Please note that students will be marked down if the tasks are all posted in just the final weeks of the Study Period.



Your need to nominate your best ILT posts and peer responses for two specific weeks as your strongest posts for marking and feedback. At the top of your document include a statement such as:


A general mark for your participation will be allocated but specific feedback on these two weeks discussions will be provided.



Have you completed the ILT for each week?

Have you responded to at least two posts made by a peer?

Have you collected all posts into Word document including:

· your name and student number

· Assignment Cover Sheet

· each of your ILTs and two responses to your peers for each week?


Have you clearly identified your two best weekly ILT responses?

Have you submitted your assignment through SafeAssign?

If required, have you organised an extension with your tutor?

Have you spent some time doing something fun now this assignment is completed?

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