Post on Prokaryotes in Society

Post on Prokaryotes in Society

This is not an opinion assignment; therefore information presented about Prokaryotes in Society must be supported by reliable academic/scientific resources (facts supported by research). [Not citing a specific reliable academic/scientific resource is an automatic 10 point deduction].

Writing a full paragraph (a 150-words minimum) for your initial blog post discussing a specific species of prokaryotic organism and the role it has within society.

· Be sure to describe what the prokaryotic species is.

· Where is it found?

· How does it interact with humans and/or other species (i.e. harmful, beneficial or mutualistic relationship) ?

· What role does it play in the ecosystem?

Also required within the initial blog post is sharing the website (specific URL) and what you have learned from this resource and/or have found particularly helpful when reviewing the website.

Do not copy and paste directly from the website. This blog should be written in your own words.

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