Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses comments: queer critiques of gay marriage.

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses comments: queer critiques of gay marriage. Blog Post Comments Article: Queer Critiques of Gay&nbsp.Marriage In this article, the discusses about politics ofequality in marriage. He says that this has become a very controversial issue because the society has been constructing certain structures that tend to classify people based on their marital preferences. Over the years, gay marriage has been eliciting a hot debate amongst the LGBT community. However, in the opinion of the author, constant advocacy for equality in marriages has been perceived as a misconceived idea as it diverts attention from real issues that need to be addressed.

I would like to agree with the author for exclaiming that marriage equality should be upheld in the society. Given that everyone is entitled to a freedom of choice, they should be allowed to choose whether to engage in same-sex marriage so long as it satisfies them. Just like the rest of the people, such marriages should be legalized so as to be legitimately accepted. Once the gays are allowed to be legally married, the society will be in the right path of attaining equality because no one would be perceived as a pariah any more. In fact, they will gain acceptance into the society.

I also concur with this author for insinuating that the legalization of same-se mirage would not bring lots of privileges to its beneficiaries. A lot of energy should not be spent discussing about it. It is true that the society is naturally diversified and unequal. Meaning, there must be more powerful, less powerful, more privileged and less privileges people within the society. After all, the society has lots of problems that need to be dealt with. If more energy is spent on marriage issues, the attention of the society would be diverted from real issues.

Bibliography: LGBT and Religion Annotated&nbsp.Bibliography

In this annotated bibliography, insights are provided on the relationship between the religious institutions and the LGBTQ community. In his studies, the researcher was motivated to unearth this relationship by the kind of experiences he had when growing up in this diversified society in which people place a lot of significance on gender, sexual orientation and marriage. He says that the societal view on same-sex marriage has been greatly influenced by the religious beliefs propagated by different churches.

In my response to him, I would like to say that he is quite right for saying that religious institutions have important contributions to make towards the general perception on same-sex marriage. Even if many people have been distancing themselves from the gays because of their weirdness, the church should try to create a conducive environment to accommodate them. After all, a time has come when people should not be judged by their sexuality. So, as the author says, it is true that the widening gap between the church and LGBTQ community can be narrowed if the church accepts the gays as part of it.

Actually, the article addresses real issues affecting the LGTQ community. As a trusted institution, religion should be at the fore front in the fight against the politics of inequality in the society. The examples of the Methodist Church should be emulated by all the other religious organizations. Gays are not evil people who need to be rejected. Instead, they should be accepted, recognized and made to comfortably exist as part of the community. This will encourage tolerance and pride on diversities in the community.


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