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Three areas of law enforcement training unique to the profession

There are different trainings that police officers are subjected to in an effort to ensure that they are qualified to carry out various duties. The first one is training in regards to the use of firearms. This form of training demands more than the officers mastering the fundamental aspects of marksmanship; it also involves the safe use of the firearm, accuracy, as well as usage at the right speed (O’Keefe, 2004). The instructors seek to ensure that the officers using firearms have the correct combat accuracy under the realistic conditions that are commensurate with what they face in the field without sacrificing their safety as well as that of the members of the public. 

Arrest and control is another training that police officers ought to be subjected to facilitate in the effective conduction of their duties. This form of training teaches officers on how to apprehend a suspect and the level of force that ought to be used in different circumstances. In addition, the control aspect of the training ensures that the officers undertaking an arrest know how to engage the arrested persons in a way that they do not harm themselves, the officers or the members of the public who are near the scene where the persons are being apprehended. The information that should be relayed to the persons being arrested forms part of this particular training.

The final type of training that must be availed to police officers is Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which is a technique used in lifesaving during emergencies. First aid training is also included in this form of training. The rationale of this training is that police officers are ordinarily one of the first responders to a scene of an accident. Their knowledge of first aid could go a long way to ensuring that they save a life before the emergency medical technicians arrive.

One of the training types and points of liability

  The training type that is focused on is the proper usage of the firearm that the officers are provided with. The focus of the training is the decision-making aspect of using a firearm, shooting a moving target, engaging multiple targets, as well as the general upkeep of the firearms (Glenn et al., 2003). The officers are also trained on what to do when they are faced with people who are returning fire. In regards to the points of liability in firearm training, there is liability for the use of the firearms during the training as well as the use of the gun once the officers are deemed qualified to operate them. Injury can be to the officer who was being trained to use the firearm or a victim from the actions of the said officer.

An assessment of whether the resulting liability after training centers on the organization, the individual officer or both

  After the training, liability is ordinarily on the individual officer. The premise of this assertion is from the fact that the officers are immediately suspended from duty to pave way for further investigations. Additionally, their firearms are taken away at the time they are being investigated. There is some liability placed on the organization, especially by the members of the public who do so to seek change in the use of firearms by police officers. It ought to be noted that there is never any liability on the institutions that undertake the training on the police officers. Only the procedures that the officers are subjected to are questioned.

Circumstances under which changes in liability occur

  There are times when the liability imposed on the officers changes to the organization. One of those times is when the investigation undertaken reveals that the firearm under contention was faulty. Liability in such an instance shifts to the issuing body, which is the law enforcement agency. Another circumstance that leads to the change of liability is where the individual police officer were not availed sufficient training commensurate with the duties assigned to them or for the use of firearms. In such a scenario, the organization is liable for the sub-standard qualifications of its officers.

How the training minimizes liability as well as addresses public opinion

  Training in the use of firearms minimizes liability in different ways. The first way is in the qualification it avails the officers being trained. They can be able to professionally handle a firearm and avoid instances in which the use of the same gives rise to liability. In addition, they will create a good track record with the members of the public because there will be less incidents of accidents from firearm usage (Wyatt-Nichol & Franks, 2009). Liability is minimized because the members of public will understand that police officers are sufficiently qualified to handle scenes, which necessitate firearms use. As such, they will be less likely to hinder the officers’ activities by staying out of their way, which will reduce likelihoods of accidents.


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Examine three (3) areas of law enforcement training that are unique to the profession.

b. Analyze one (1) of the training types and at least two (2) points of liability.

c. Assess whether the resulting liability following the training (i.e., firearms or arrest and control) centers on the individual officer, the organization, or both?

d. Under what circumstances would a change in liability occur?

e. Investigate how training minimizes liability and addresses public opinion.

The paper must be two to three pages in length and formatted according to

 APA style. You must use at least two scholarly resources

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