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The Budget Cycle

Examine the pros and cons of a law enforcement administration budgeting process of your choice. How is the budgeting cycle used? Are jobs outsourced? Is outside funding utilized? Does the budget align with the goals of the community in regard to fighting crime and quality of life issues?

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First let me define what a budget is.  A budget is a critical document in any operation of any modern organization.  It has an explicit meaning along with several components.  A budget is a financial plan that carries forward the financial implications of carrying out a particular planned response to the anticipated operating conditions in a future period, normally a year.  
Budget Process and Logic.
“The market allocates private resources without a need for outside intervention; price movements serve as a signaling device fro resource flows”.  “In the public sector , decisions about resource use cannot be made automatically from price and profit signals because of four special features of government decisions.  Governments are there to provide service.  The budget process provides a time for decisions about the services desired by the public, such as law enforcement.  A traditional expectation is that properly working budget processes act to constrain government and to prevent public officials from stealing.  Budgets are put in place to prevent stealing.  When budgeting for a program/agency, etc. you have to figure out your most needed items.  With each agency varied in size, and having different needs.  With the budgeting, police officers within the agency should be involved as well.  The budgeting process will have a large impact of their day to day operations.

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