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Collective Bargaining

As collective bargaining regarding public employees pay, benefits, and pension obligations agreements have become a significant issue across the United States, complete a comparison of the three models of collective bargaining. In your analysis, identify which model(s) are more advantageous to either labor or management and why. How does the reduction of employee rights in several states affect law enforcement? What impact does the inability to strike have on the collective bargaining process?


Collective bargaining consists of negotiations between an employer and a group of employees so as to determine the conditions of employment among this process are concepts employed for specific circumstances. The first of the three models on collective bargaining is the marketing concept. This concept focuses on labors that are bought and sold to the market place. Then there is the government concept, this is an institution and bargaining here is based on a constitutional system of rulemaking. The third is indusial relations, where the views on participative decision making and employees and employers exist together, with a vital interest for all parties. This concept contains two approaches a unilateral approach and a bilateral approach. The unilateral approach is when the employer decides the conditions of employment and the latter the bilateral is when both the employee and employer negotiate the terms of employment.

  Given the three I believe the bilateral approach of the Industrial relation concept prove to be more favorable for law enforcement unions. This is because they get a say in the negotiating process, which will later lead to a better labor agreement for the employees. Furthermore the subject on police officer usually being barred from striking this often given the management a leg up on the bargaining process. Often time police managers offer a take it or leave it mentality when working with the union. Largely because the management knows they cannot simply refuse the directions or decisions passed down. However a strong union president will in fact make life very hard for management if this mentality is utilized first rather than cooperation. 

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