Write a 5 pages paper on the discovery of the atomic bomb.

Write a 5 pages paper on the discovery of the atomic bomb. This discovery marked the beginning of a scientific race on three continents. Soviet spies found their way into the community of scientists in the US and Great Britain (Sheinkin 32). In Norway, an army crossed enemy lines to attack the heavy-watered manufacturing. In the desert areas of the New Mexico, a group of intelligent scientists was hiding at Los Alamos, a remote site, while working on creating the bomb. Hahn’s discovery brought about plotting, risk-taking, deceit, and genius that led to the creation of the weapon, the atomic bomb, that was the most forbidden in the world.

The discovery resulted in the eruption of World War 2. This is because the Germans started sharing their discovery with their colleagues around the world. The discovery was the route to creating the most powerful bomb in the world. The author of the book integrates three different storylines that tell about the creation of the atomic bomb. The first story involves the US trying to develop the bomb. The second story is about the Soviets trying to steal the bomb from Americans through informants and spies. The third story involves the attempts by the Allies to sabotage the bomb program of the Germans.

The main subjects of Steve Sheinkin’s book include the competition to come up with the atomic bomb, spies, secret parachute missions, communists and scientific breakthroughs. The story of the book might sound like fiction. It is, however, true.

After proving that it was possible for uranium atoms to split into two when hit by neutrons from radioactive elements, the discovery quickly spread in the world of physicians. This raised a competition to see who could use the idea to create an atomic bomb. The US tapped physician Robbert Oppenheimer to lead the Manhattan Project (Sheinkin 84). The laboratory that was to be used in creating the bomb and testing radioactive elements was located at Los Alamos.


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