Why did the US invade Iraq in 2003?, research paper help

The Research Paper. 

You will write a 5-6page ORIGINAL, ANALYTICAL research paper.  In this paper, you will choose an event from the last 100 years that addresses a why question, or which seeks to explain an outcome of some significance over the last 100 years.  The paper must be based on at least 3-5 primary sources that offer insight into the question; three scholarly books and four scholarly articles.  The research question and argument must be laid out clearly and  should give a sense of how you will prove your argument.

The topic question is “Why did the US invade Iraq in 2003?”

You should organize your paper in:

1.  a clear introduction that presents the puzzling event/issue that you will explain and states your argument in brief;

2.  supporting sections with evidence that develops your argument and considers alternative explanations, and;

3.  a conclusion that summarizes your arguments and illustrates its significance (answering the “so-what” question). 

All papers must be typed, in 12 point type, New Times Roman font, double spaced, MINIMUM MARGINS OF 1 INCH ON ALL SIDES.  All writing assignments should have an argument put forward by you.  Ideally, they should address a “why” question and have a thesis statement (an argument that answers why something happened for example). 

Be very careful about writing a paper that simply summarizes the contents of the primary sources.  Of course, you will have to understand the documents and briefly present an overview of them, but your assignment is to explain and interpret the evidence (documents).  Additionally, beware of gushing or ranting about your documents. Don’t simply assert or suggest your views. Instead, prove and demonstrate them. 

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