Which stock market exchange is the company listed on? 

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In Unit II, you  began working on your research paper that will be due in     Unit VII of this  course. In this unit, you will continue researching the     company that you  selected for your paper. For this assignment, evaluate the     following items in  relation to your chosen company:

  •    Which stock market exchange is the company listed on?
  • Look at the past three years’ worth of stock activity for your company.
    • What is the average stock price during that period?
    • What was the high/low price?
  • Has the company ever initiated a stock split?
  • How many shares of stock are outstanding? Authorized? Issued?
  • Would you invest in this company based on what you have evaluated? Why, or                why not?
  • Compare this company’s stock to another company within the same industry.                How does the stock compare in terms of price and activity? Explain.

Your  paper must be at least two pages in length, and you must use at least    two  sources. Please adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references    for  these sources.


Financial management

Cinnamon B Woodyard

Columbia Southern University

Financial management

Uber Technologies, Inc. is a multinational ride-sharing company in America that is famous for providing various services such as food delivery, peer to peer ridesharing, bicycle sharing system and rides service hailing. The headquarters of the company is based in San Francisco and it operates in more than 785 areas all over the world. The uber platform can be accessed via mobile Apps and via websites. Uber technology, Inc. is a public limited company and according to 2019 statistics, I discovered that Uber has over 120 million users all over the world. Also, it’s market share for passenger transport in the United States is 70% and 27% market share for food delivery.

Banks usual give financial products and services for their customers intending to earn the interest. A strong firm structure will help the bank prosper while giving various financial services. Uber technologies firms has made leaps and bounds over nine years and have attracted its fair share of famous investors during this period. The firm had raised approximately $24 billion over twenty financing rounds (Paul, & Tankus, 2019). The current investment of the bank was worth $ 70 billion which was the highest investment since the firm was started. The Uber technologies firm was funded by banks which includes Black Rock and many angel investors. The uber firm is now trying to increase the creation of financial products in New York. The ride-hailing companies are now aiming at hiring several project managers and engineers about more than 100 to be exact, who will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Uber products and services and as result, the current and future investment of the firm will be increased.

Uber technologies firms are now planning to participate in IPO to pool new talent and investments for their new products. By establishing its financial system, the firm can increase its lead over rivals such as Lyft. The efforts of focusing on the uber investment will help to increase the loyalty and engagement to the Uber platform.

Uber Inc. is a transportation company which is based in San Francisco California and it is now operating in 780 cities in the United States. Also, uber was founded by Garrett Camp in 2009, who was a co-founder of Stumble Upon and Travis Kalanick a computer programmer, who had traded his Red Swoosh startup for approximately $ 20 million in 2007. Uber was introduced as a way of reducing the cost of direct transport. The founder of the uber realized that sharing of cost with another individual could be affordable for the users of the uber. In 2010 , Ryan Graves became the first Uber employee, who was receiving the jobs by responding to the tweet from Kalanick declaring the opening of a job and receiving 5-10% of the company. In 2011, the companies changed their name from the uber cab to uber after there was a complaint from San Francisco tax operators.

The uber technologies firm is currently structuring its capital by making sure that the capital structure of the firm is well organized. The capital structure defines how the firm finances its overall growth and operations using distinct sources of funds from banks (Tomassetti,2016).


Paul, S., & Tankus, N. (2019). The Firm Exemption and the Hierarchy of Finance in the Gig Economy. Available at SSRN 3426230.

Tomassetti, J. (2016). Does Uber Redefine the Firm: The Postindustrial Corporation and Advanced Information Technology. Hofstra Lab. & Emp. LJ34, 1.

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