What types of witchcraft does the Malleus Malleficarum discuss?, assignment help

Type up your answers – double spaced, 12 points new roman, a minimum of two pages.

What types of witchcraft does the Malleus Malleficarum discuss? What are witches known to do? What do images studied show witches engaging in? are images and text similar in their imagination of the witch?

The Malleus Maleficarum had very precise ideas about the relationship between witches and demon. Please discuss what these might be and consider as well how images might have portrayed this relationship.

How can scholars today define magic? What types of magic are there? Delve into the debate with regards to magic as rational vs irrational endeavor.

List the theologians you believe played a vital role in defining magic and give an account of each man’s writings/theories on magic.

The background readings are in the file, read it before start to answer. If u can not open, let me know.

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