What percentage of the US people has this issue?

Detailed Research Paper! 5 PAGES


  1. Your research paper MUST have general information about drugs (street and commercial name, forms available, common way to take).
  2. What percentage of the US people has this issue? Identify and quantify the sub-groups (racial/ethnic, gender, etc.) that are most affected by this problem? Is there any specific geographical location uses more than other?
  3.  Discuss why these groups are affected more than others (health disparities). Use data (statistics) from credible sources to support your discussion.
  4. Possible health effects (short term, long term); what happened in combined with other medicine; withdrawal symptoms.
  5. Total cost (personal and social) relate to this drug abuse. Use credible sources to support your data/statistics.
  6. What are the treatment options?
  7. Is there any organizations or institutions that address this drug problem and describe their primary initiatives?
  8. Interpret and include at least one graph or table that relates to the content of your paper. You will discuss the graph or table as part of your narrative in the body of your paper and include the graph or table in an Appendix at the end of your paper. Cite the source for the tables or graphs below each one and in the reference list using APA format.
  9. Include 6 different references!

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