Week 7

Part 1- APA Format- 250 Words- 3 References- Choose 1 Question

Choose one of the following questions to answer:

1.  What was radical Reconstruction?  Was it radical?2.  Did Reconstruction address the problems of race?  Explain.3. What the most important historical legacy of Reconstruction?4.  Did Reconstruction fail?  Why or why not?

Part 2- APA Format- 250 Words- 3 References- Choose 1 Question

Choose one of the following to answer in detail 

1) How did the growing economy change China during the Tang and Song eras? How did this lead to advances in science and technology? Why do you think these changes led to a greater demand for slaves and concubines?  2) How did Neo-Confucianism differ from traditional Confucianism? How did the increased dependence on Neo-Confucianism change the education system in China? Why do you think this system endured through changing dynasties?  3) How did Japan change under the rule of the Fujiwara? Why was Buddhism gaining in popularity? Why do you think this period fostered advances in literature?  4) How did Japanese society change with the rise of military rule? How did these changes lead towards a decrease in centralized power? Why do you think such strict rule and order became popular? 

5) What influence did the invasions of the ninth century have on European development? What motivated these invasions? What do you think led to their eventual decline?  6) What prompted the Church to enter into a period of reforms? How did the Church address the issues that had weakened the power of its institution? Why do you think there was increasing conflict between secular and religious leaders during this period?  7) What led up to the beginning of the Crusades? What motivated people to leave their homes to try to free the Holy Land? Why do you think the Crusades were not successful?  8) Discuss the importance of guilds on the growing strength of Medieval cities and towns. How was this structure later incorporated to meet the growing demand for higher education? What do you think increased the demand and popularity of universities during this period? 

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