We Owe It All to the Hippies, writing homework help

Read the following: “We Owe It All to the Hippies”


Write an essay of around 800 words (but in any case, no less than 750 and no more than 850 words) commenting on this story. Consider the elements of desire, ballyhoo, utopianism, pioneering creativity, rejection of the conventional, alternative gender identity or sexual expression, and/or naturalism expressed or implied by this article. How do these knit into or relate to the broader history of California and its culture? The previous list is not definitive. You may have some other ideas about what elements make up California culture; feel free to develop those ideas. An essay that just confines itself to linking the development of computers to the counterculture of the sixties will be considered inadequate (D/65-level work). What other elements of the history of California resonate with the themes and ideas of this article? You may use evidence learned in other units (ideas like diversity, food culture, and Californians’ relationships to its environment, race & race relations etc.). In any case, analyze this article through the lens of the history of California. As you will have only 800 words, you must focus your argument carefully by starting with a well-crafted thesis. For evidence to support your argument, your response must rely on the materials, lectures, and videos we have encountered in this class.

Your paper should begin with an introductory paragraph that states the thesis of your paper. A thesis is a statement of the opinion or point of view you will develop and support in your paper. It should be specific, and it should suggest how you will support your opinion. • It might be Every aspect of your paper should engage with supporting your thesis. • The ideas you express should follow a logical sequence that builds to the complete proof of your thesis. • The language you use should be clear and free of grammatical or spelling errors.possible to write this paper WITHOUT drawing on the readings, discussions, and lectures for this class, but papers that don’t rely exclusively on an analysis of class materials to support their thesis will be deemed unsatisfactory (D/65) work. • Your rendering of the evidence from sources must be accurate.The paper should be double-spaced with the first line of each paragraph indented a half inch

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