Skeletal System Anatomy, biology homework help

Skeletal System Anatomy


  • To Describe classifications of the skeletal system
  • Explain the functions of bone, including its contribution to homeostasis
  • Identify the anatomical structures of the skeletal system, including the major bones of the body

Assignment Overview

This analysis assignment explores the various anatomical features of the skeletal system.


Creative written responses to questions

Step 1 List and describe three different classifications of the skeletal system.

Think about the organization of the bones in the human body and outline three different ways in which the skeletal system is classified. Use a visual diagram or chart to present your three organizational schemes. Be detailed and very clear in the presentation of your ideas.

Step 2 Create learning tools for ten bones.

Select ten bones of the body. Create a learning tool or strategy for each bone that would help you or another student to learn the name and location of each bone.

Step 3 Write a paragraph.

Write a brief paragraph that explains how the skeletal system is involved in homeostasis of the entire body. Provide one example of what can happen to homeostasis when a component of the skeletal system malfunctions.

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