Rhetorical Analysis , writing homework help

Rhetorical Analysis

Hi, I have homework which to watch three commercial and then writing on it

Each Commercial should be written in one paragraph

So, it simple watch three commercial and then write on it in one page

each commercial one paragraph. After that please do not forget to write a work cited page

I will write for you some notes that I have taken it in my class today. She said the three paragraphs should related to these questions.

1- What is it about ?

2- Is it effective or ineffective ?

3- Is it successful doest it make u buy something or not?

4- If yes why ? or if not why .

The three commercial that you should watch it , should be 1:30 minutes to 2:30. In the other word no longer than 2;30

Finally, I will attach for you, Rhetorical Analysis Instructions, so, from this file , you will understand it more than what I have written. just be sure my idea similar from document.

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