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Research Proposal,

Instructions: complete a 10-page research proposal on a topic of your choosing. Based on the readings and course instruction as well as the two documents presented to you at the beginning of the class construct the research proposal as i fyou were actually going to conduct a research study.

Please including the following in your assignment:

• Introduction: Typically one or two paragraphs that describe the proposed study and what topics are to be discussed in the proposal. This section should generate reader interest in your topic. The introduction should be written in past tense as it will be reported in your completed study.

• Statement of the Problem: In research your goal is to state a problem or problematize a social phenomenon such as, what is the impact of student preparedness on educational outcomes in K-12 schools?

• Theoretical Framework: Which theory from ORGC 502 will you apply to your study/research? Choose on theory only, define it and substantiate its use in your research.

• Variable Definitions: Depending upon your topic, there may be terms and concepts associated with your research that may require definition. For instance, if you are conducting research on sports organizations or the medical field, there will be terms and ideas that are familiar to the average reader. These terms should be defined under variable definitions, if applicable.

• Purpose of the Study: What do you hope to accomplish with your study? Which audience of scholars and fellow researchers and policy makers are you seeking to compel with your research and why?

• Review of Literature: The review of literature can be adapted from your annotated bibliography and should be shortened for your proposal. The information contained in your literature review should establish the road map of previous research that your proposal stands upon.

• Methodology: Which methodology will you employ for your research proposal? Will you use a survey focus group, comparative analysis, literacy analysis, a meta-analysis or other method? Will the method be qualitative or quantitative in nature? Which ever method you choose, it should be defined based upon existing methods and its use also justified in your methodology section.

• Data Analysis: How will you analyze the data you have collected? This must also be outlined in your methods section.

• Proposed Timetable: How will you conduct your proposed study and what is the time frame from start to completion?

• References: Your references are to be adopted from your annotated bibliography, minus the annotation and should be listed alphabetically and in APA style at the end of your proposal.

Grade Composition:

• Cohesion of Proposal/Idea and Feasibility: 25 Points

• Use of APA Style: 25 Points

• Quality of Writing: 25 Points

• Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation: 25 Points

Total Points: 100

Final Presentation

Instructions: For a Final presentation, which is required to accompany your Final Research Proposal, prepare a discussion of your final paper for the course. In addition to following the standard presentation format, please add the following talking points to your presentation:

Per APA style, include the following components to your presentation:

1. Introduction of topic

2. Theory

3. Research Questions

4. Review of Literature

5. Methodology

6. References

7. Graphic Representation (chart, graph or other form of illustration)

Add the Following Components to your presentation:

8. Title of paper 9. Rationale for topic choice 10. What (text & journal articles) inspired topic choice? 11. What did you find most intriguing about the topic of your paper? 12. If you actually conduct the study, what do you believe you will actually find? 13. How would you suggest that this research be expanded either into a larger paper, conference panel or book chapter?

Presentation Grading

Total presentation score: 100 Points

25 Points Presentation Format:

25 Points Presentation Flow:

Is the presentation in APA Style? Does the presenter follow the appropriate format in PowerPoint presentation? Does he/she introduce self, title of article/chapter, and determine how the work fuses with week’s readings and course themes?

Is the presentation well organized? Does the presentation begin and end on time? Is the presenter(s) and the presentation compelling and engaging operating in “presentation mode”?

25 Points Study Arguments:

25 Points Q & A Session

Does the presentation address the theory, method, related literature,? Do presenters offer opinions about the research, i.e., what was missing? What was resonant?

Is the Q&A lively and active? Questions should be both compelling and directly related to the material. Peer members of the audience should be readily willing to participate in this portion of the class keeping in mind they will be presenting as well.

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