Religions: Three Religions One God, writing homework help

Discussion Topic

Part 1

Please take a look at the following websites and answer the questions below. 

PBS. (n.d.). Religions: Three Religions, One God. Retrieved from

Stereotypes about Islam and the Middle East

PBS. (n.d.). Common Western perceptions about Islam and the Middle East. Retrieved March 03, 2016, from

Arab Americans are extremely diverse.  Many Arabs are not Muslims, and not all Muslims are Arabs. Fewer than 15% of Muslims worldwide are Arabs. 

Three of the world’s major monotheistic religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 

What are the differences in the belief systems of the three religions? What are some of the misperceptions we have about these religions? Where do these stereotypes and misperceptions come from? 

Part 2

You’re the principal at a school with a large Arab American population. You’ve recently hired a school psychologist that has no experience working with this population. The school psychologist will be responsible for conducting therapy sessions with the students, and sometimes their families, home visits, and educational assessments. What should the school psychologist know about the Arab culture, demographics, religion, family, attitudes toward psychological treatments, and attitudes towards special education? What current issues are they facing? What problems or issues could he or she face? 

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