Relate the seven key elements of designing a forecasting system.


Relate the seven key elements of designing a forecasting system.


Your boss has asked you to speak at the quarterly board meeting based upon your success with operational forecasting.

Your job is to develop a PowerPoint presentation and oral narration that showcases forecasting skills and professional practice. The requirement is six slides that contain supportive notes per slides that integrate discussion points and strengthen the content on each slide. The expectation is two slides for strategic forecasting and production, two slides for the limitation of forecasting on labor models, and two slides on the features of job planning and the impact of forecasting. Lastly, you need to develop a one-page summary to submit to board members that reviews the impact operational forecasting can have on organizations and include two supportive references.

grading Rubric

No Pass No Pass Competence Proficiency Mastery
Not Submitted There is an absence of slides and/or narration. There are some slides/narration, but a gap exists from the requirement. There are minimal issues with the required amount of slides per category and narration. All required categorical slides are complete as well as a corresponding narration.
Not Submitted There is no acknowledgement of leadership skills. Some demonstration of leadership skills. Integration of leadership skills is presented well. Leadership skills are thoroughly presented.
Not Submitted There is no integration of professional practice. Some explanation of professional practice application. Clarity towards integration of professional application examples is strong. Clarity of professional practice examples is flawless.
Not Submitted The summary contains a very vague overview. The summary touches upon the impact of operational forecasting. The summary examines operational forecasting with detail. The summary fully examines operational forecasting and includes a business recommendation.

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