Reference an article about the clinical issue or situation

Reference an article about the clinical issue or situation

Key words that you must understand: defining attributes, concept, antecedents

  1. *Identify a specific clinical issue or situation in your current nursing practice area (decide on the concept in this situation) that you would either like to see changed or want to study. Depending on your practice area, this could be a patient issue or problem or it could be a healthcare system issue or situation. Here is an example: [ During my work as a nurse practitioner some of my asthmatic patients made frequent visits. I found that these were the patients who did not take their maintenance medications. They experienced frequent bouts of  bronchitis and missed many days of work and school].
  2. Think about the concept in the situation but do not provide it since your peers will try to see if they have the correct one. In this case, the concept I am thinking of is adherence to medications, but you may think of the following: health maintenance, or chronic illnesses. You will not post the concept that you are thinking of.
  3. A detailed, objective narrative of this issue or clinical situation should be provided so that the readers (instructor and peers) can picture themselves in the situation and are able to identify the concept.
  4. Do not draw conclusions or try to solve the situation in this narrative.

200-290 words

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