Project Management – 5 Essay Questions – due in two hours

1. (TCO 1) Compare and contrast the project charter and the project scope as used in project management.            

2. (TCO 2) You are a project manager for a new hardware/software project. You just received the project charter and established your scope statement. Within the scope statement, you defined some of the key components to meet the overall project objective. Establishing requirements will be critical to define and get approved. The hardware will be new for your company, so you will need to ensure the vendor is selected and the hardware is appropriately installed into your environment. The supporting software will need to be designed and coded. It will also need to be installed and tested on the system. To ensure the users know how to use the new software, training will be needed for managers and the associates. You have assembled your team of experts and they are anxious to get started.

Part 1: To ensure you have a clear scope for your team, create a 2-level WBS. Don’t forget to include your WBS numbering.

Part 2: In your WBS, how many work packages have been created?

3. (TCO 3) Compare and contrast fast tracking and scope reduction as means of schedule compression.

4. (TCO 5) A firm hosts eCommerce transactions for other companies. The firm processes credit purchases supporting most major credit cards and is known as an inexpensive alternative to other larger competitors. The firm is deploying new security software that is state-of-the-art for eCommerce. It should increase security while speeding up transactions because of the new security algorithms.

Part 1: List and discuss the major risk management functions from a project management perspective for the eCommerce project.

Part 2: Describe a positive and negative risk event, the related consequences, and the risk response plans for the eCommerce project.

5. (TCO 9) Compare and contrast how a scope is created in traditional project management versus one created in agile project management.

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