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For your speaking midterm, I would like you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and speak in front of the class about where you would most like to visit. It can be any place in the world except in your own country. Think of this as your perfect vacation – but you have a budget! This means you only have a limited, specific amount of money to use for your trip. For this project, you must do research online, at home, about your vacation destination and all the arrangements for your vacation – basically your vacation travel plan. Use this checklist to help you think about all the preparations for your trip:

  • Budget:   $4000 US alone / $6000 US with a partner
  • Number of days:   
  • Place:   
  • Traveling cost:     
  • Transportation:   
  • Hotel cost:   
  • Daily cost:   
  • Daily cost includes:   
  • Unexpected costs:   
  • Total cost:   
  • Famous places to visit:   
  • Delicious food to try:   
  • Special souvenirs to buy:   
  • Interesting things to do:   
  • Others: 

You will speak and present about your vacation in front of the whole class. Your presentation will be around 10 minutes. Try not to be too short or too long with your presentation, or you will lose some points. In speaking presentations, you don’t want to give too little information, but you also don’t want to seem boring to your listeners. Here are some additional rules for the PowerPoint show:

  • You must have at least 10 slides
  • Do not have more than 8 words on each slide
  • DO NOT read from note cards!!! SPEAK to the class, do NOT READ to us!!!

 Here is how I will grade your speaking midterm:

  • Speaking – clear and correct speaking, with correct grammar 15 points
  • Presentation – correct # of slides with interesting visuals/info 15 points
  • Time – around 10 minutes (not too short, not too long) 5 points

Good luck with your research! I am eager to hear about your dream vacation!

Notice: I need to speek that from Detroit to  Seattle during Thanksgiving Day. In addition, i need speeches. Use the simple sentences and easy words. Thank you

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