Plagiarism steals not only from others but mostly from you!

Papers are to be formatted in a modified Modern Language Association (MLA) format as follows. Additional guidance can be found at

· Paper is to be standard 81/2’ by 11”; 20 pound bond

· Fonts will be 12 point Arial

· Margins will be one inch on top, bottom and sides

· Use block format and double spacing

· Use parenthetical citation format (Author’s Last Name, Page #, Citation #) when directly quoting material or paraphrasing someone else’s idea, place the author’s name and the page number(s) in which you obtained the information from in parentheses. For Example: (Casey, pg. 27, # 5)

· Pages are to be numbered and include the student’s name preceding the page number

· Paper must have a cover page with student’s name, Professor’s name, due date and course number


· Topic must be one from the approved list or one of your choosing and approved by the Professor

· See Professor at the end of Lecture Two, to register your topic

· Students must register their topic with the Professor by 17 January 2019

· Must be at least eight (8) typewritten pages of prose but no longer than ten (10) pages of prose

· Graphs, tables, illustrations and pictures are encouraged to be used to assure content is clear to the reader

· Graphs, tables, illustrations, and pictures do not count as part of the eight (8) page minimum. Note however that they may be very useful in the 3-5 minute presentation at the Environmental Forum

· Must have a Reference List containing at least seven references. If a website is referenced, provide the complete page address. For example: is appropriate for a reference regarding dioxin; is not an acceptable reference

· Must contain a Literature Cited Table if direct quotes or close paraphrasing of another’s work is incorporated

Plagiarism steals not only from others but mostly from you!

Environmental Science


Research Paper Topics


· Compare the Corporate Social Responsibility Plans and Sustainability Initiatives of two Corporations traded on a major a stock exchange (London, Tokyo, NY etc.)

· Sustainable Agriculture

· Conflict Minerals

· Sustainable Siliviculture

· Sustainable City Plan

· EMERGY (See Center for Environmental Policy)

Pollution Problems

· Plastic Ocean

· Ocean Acidification

· Emerging Pollutants of Concern (Sources, effects, solutions)

· Acid Mine Drainage (causes, effects, solutions)

Human Health

· Endocrine Disrupters and Developed Countries

· Indoor Air Quality

· Air Quality, Monitoring & Control in ________________ (Major City)


· Extinctions in the developing world (Causes, Effects, Solutions)

· Deforestaion in the developing world (Causes, Effects, Solutions)

· Wetland System & their Biology

· Biodiversity decline

Eco Business & Regulation

· Carbon Taxes (Concepts/Markets/Efficacy)

· Alternative Power Systems (Technology/Costs/Regulatory issues)

· Ecotourism

· Electronics Recycling

· Alternative Materials as Feedstock

· Solid Waste Recycling

Pollution Abatement Technologies

· Municipal Water Treatment

· Municipal Wastewater Treatment

· Industrial Air Pollution Control

· Petroleum Contaminated Land Reclamation and Clean up

Specific Pollutants in Atmosphere Sources, Sinks & Effects

· Ozone

· Sulfur Oxides

· Nitrogen Oxides

· Mercury

· Particulate Matter

· Methane

· Hydrogen Sulfide and Related compounds

Solid & Hazardous Waste Management

· Recycling

· Heavy Organics Collection

· Composting


Environmental Disasters Case Studies

· Flint, Michigan Water Supply

· Deepwater Horizon

· Love Canal

· Bhopal

· TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant

· Donora Smog 1948 & Great London Smog 1952

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