Organizational Leadership: Becoming a Chief Petty Officer


I need a 3 page report on the Mission, Vision and guiding principles of the Chief Petty Officer in the U.S Navy and in those 3 pages answer the following question and about the attached documents.. I am going to answer the question it just need to be in essay format.

– Why do I want to be a Chief?

I want to be a Chief because is a goal and a dream I had since I joined the Navy. Through my career and in every command I ever been stationed I always had some great Chief’s as leader that invested a lot time in my guiding me through my career and leading me in making better decision for me and for my peer and command, without their help I would never been where I am now and now that I am selected to Chief I will have the opportunity to influence those Junior Sailors on a bigger escale and hopefully change someone life by guiding them and mentor them through their career and offer my Institutional and Technical Expertise and leadership to help them achieve any goal they may have and at the same time teach them some Navy heritage and pride as previous leaders did to me.

– What are the most important traits of a Chief?

The more important traits of a Chief are

1) Effective communication skills. A good leader states expectations clearly. This means delegating responsibilities and holding people accountable in a way that is consistent and constructive.

Good communication also means navigating organizational levels and understanding how to tailor a message so that it resonates with difference audiences, whether that means junior sailors or officers, fellow Chief or Civiliand

2) Openmindedness. By listening attentively with the goal of learning and understanding, good leaders not only acquire new ideas and methods, but also uncover the interests, motivations and concerns of their command and can therefore provide more appropriate and targeted responses.

3) Engagement. When Chiefs take an active interest in the careers of theirSailors and empower them with new responsibilities, Sailors and Junior Officers feel more valued, engaged and committed. Engaged Sailors are more productive and loyal.

– How do you feel you can make a difference in the mess?

I think I can make a difference in the mess because I will bring a positive mind set and always willing to help the command, fellow chief or Sailor. I will never let anyone down and I will offer and seek help. I will be engaged, openminded and listen to be able to communicate more efficient.

Please read the attached document and the answer to my questions and make them into a 3 page essay.

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