management and marketing

1-    You have been brought into a startup opportunity at the Enterprise Development Center at your college.  The development team is very excited about the potential product but they do not know how to come up with a marketing plan.  Your responsibility is to develop the marketing strategy. Outline how you would approach market segmentation, target marketing and the development of all elements of the marketing mix for this project

2-    The use of “data” is very important in business today.  The term “big data” in being used in all industries to define the analysis of data in order to make better business decisions. What are the input sources of data today in business that makes this topic so important?  How does this analysis of data add value to the decision-making process in business? What are the “phases or states” that data goes through while being evaluated within a company?

3-    Marketing has evolved over the years and we are now in the era called “relationship marketing”. What are the benefits of relationship marketing?  How does this apply to consumer and business market segments? Customer satisfaction has been labeled the new “marketing” so how does this relate to relationship marketing and how does it add value to the marketing processes?

4-    Explain product strategy and how to classify goods and services.  How do “business solutions” fit into this definition? How do you build and deliver a “service offering” to the marketplace?

5-    What advantages does the use of digital technologies and social networking tools bring to the business world? How does “Business With The Power of STEM” fit into this model?


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