Leadership Development Paper

  • Prompt: The purpose of this paper is to articulate your development as a leader from a Christian worldview. Your paper must be 2,500-2,750 words and be APAcompliant. Include a title page, references page, and a minimum of five scholarly sources. Include the following content in your paper as you integrate the material covered in all lectures:
    • Characteristics of communication
    • Assessment of current leadership condition or status
    • Description of future leadership development goals and state
    • Explain how each weekly topic will help you meet your leadership development goals – The use of headings for each weekly topic is recommended. For example, the heading for this expectation might be Course Support with sub-headings of Communication, Time Management, Critical Thinking, etc.
    • Paradigm/theological support for biblical leadership in contrast to secular perspective of leadership (500-750 words)
  • Requirements: 2,500-2,750 words, five scholarly sources, APA format

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