Instructional Designer Job Description – Education

Instructional Designer Job Description

As the hiring manager within an imagined organization in either education or industry, you have been tasked with creating the job description for the new position of Instructional Designer. Since this is an academic assignment, this job description will include a few pieces of information that you might not find in other job descriptions. Create a job description that includes:

  • The name of the imagined organization and a brief description of its purpose relative to either education or industry
  • A brief description of which learning theory forms the design foundation of the imagined organization
  • At least five authentic instructional design tasks with language specific to both your imagined organization and your chosen learning theory
  • At least three competencies and/or standards from a professional organization related to your chosen context of education or industry;
  • Salary range of the position

For example, you might say, “XYC Company adheres to Vygotsky’s (1978) theory of social constructivism, which means…” You might also say, “The selected candidate will be expected to adhere to the standards set forth by According to the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, including…”

Remember that this job description must be your own original work and cannot be copied from another source.

**Chapters 1 & 2 & additional resources will be attached**

Please do this for education only.

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