Help me i the questio elow

I wrote an argumentative essay and I want you to fix it for me.
1- I will Upload what I did and you will read the comments and fix it.
2- there are three sources, I will but two websites I want you to use them, and the third source will be from the book.
American Born Chinese
Novel by Gene Luen Yang

The Millions Interview
The Millions Interview: Gene Luen Yang
By Paul Morton posted at 7:15 am on July 8, 200 7

Harper’s Weekly, October 18, 1879, page 822 (Editorial)


I will ask for six pages five will be for the essay and the other one

will use for the Revision, which I want you to write what you have

improved in the essay I will upload the Revision Requirements.

4- I will upload a paper shows you how I want me paragraphs to be written.

please let me know if you have any question or you miss understand something.

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