Forestar Group Inc, business and finance homework help

Go to (Links to anexternal site.) and search (top right corner) out apublicly-traded company that is not too well-known (e.g. avoid Apple andWal-mart). After opening the company’s Marketwatch page, click on the Profiletab and answer the following (DO NOT COPY AND PASTE OR YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLYSCORE A ZERO):

1. What is yourcompany’s market that the chiefly operate in? Who would likely be their primarycompetitors?

2. Who are the Officersand Executives that are reported by Marketwatch? Does the CEO or president havea profile? IF they do, click on it and report his or her experience as aleader.

3. What things did youfind most interesting in their financial disclosures on the profile page?

4. Now click on SECFilings tab. How many reports has the company submitted each year for the pastthree years? Were any of the submissions corrections?

5. Now click on theAnalyst Estimates tab, do you think your company is a good or bad investment?Why would you state this? Use examples from articles available on the site.

This submission should be a minimum of 3 pages, APAformatted with proper citations.

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