Final critical reflection

Final critical reflection:

Students will write a critical reflection articulating: 1) achievement towards course’s learning objectives, 2) most relevant course takeaways, and 3) a potential experiential learning opportunity that reflects one’s community engagement & service learning philosophy (700-1000 words)

Learning objective:

This course will give students both a theoretical and practical understanding of service learning. The philosophy of teaching and learning in this course recognizes that learning can be uncomfortable and challenging, personally and intellectually. To meet the learning objectives of this course, students must be prepared to actively participate in each class session. If you fully engage with readings, activities and assignments, by the end of the course, you will:  Acquire knowledge of the history of service learning and community engagement  Enhance your self-awareness, self-efficacy, and personal effectiveness  Further develop your critical thinking, communication and writing skills  Respect and appreciate multiple ways of knowing and learning (i.e., arts based inquiry, meditation, discussion circles, etc.)  Make a positive and lasting impact in the community

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