Explanation      of how you would assess functioning and dynamics


Assignment: Supporting Grief and Loss

Social workers support clients through many unpleasant situations. Social work roles center around simplifying those events for their clients as well as comforting clients while they endure difficult times. As with so many areas of social work, prevention is the best way to approach and minimize the effects of the majority of the issues that clients struggle with. Bereavement is not an area that prevention can help ease. However, by preparing as much as possible prior to the need, you will be more available to focus on supporting clients emotionally. The project you submit this week should be something you can save and realistically use in your future career. If you take your time with this project it can be something very useful.

For the Assignment, you will create a support group for one of the following populations: breast cancer survivor, loss of infant, new widow, child who lost a sibling, or another population as approved by your instructor. You will create a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation in which you will explain the type of group (family, multi-group, etc.) you will be designing. The presentation must include at least 5-7 academic references to support the planning and 3-5 good resources you would pass on to group members.  Record your presentation using the Personal Capture function of Kaltura.

By Day 7

Submit a 5-7 minute recorded PPT presentation which includes the following:

  • Explanation      of important principles related to grief and loss and how these were taken      into account when designing the group
  • Description      of the structure and function of the group you planned
  • Explanation      of how diversity and culture was taken into account when developing this      group
  • Explanation      of how you would engage the group members
  • Explanation      of how you would assess functioning and dynamics
  • Explanation      of intervention that would be provided in the group, including reasons for      sharing the 3-5 recommended resources for the group.
  • Explanation      of how you would evaluate group outcomes
  • References

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