Ethics in counseling and psychotherapy 6th edition, writing homework help

After carefully reading chapters 7 and 8, write detailed responses to the following assignments. 

1. Chapter 7. P. 212 the Cases for Discussion  Answer the questions thoroughly at the end of the case. 

( the case is 

Banjamin a clinical counselor in an outpatient unit of a general hospital , is about to meet a new client for an intake interview . He does not recognize the name of the person written on his calendar , but when he goes to the reception room to greet the new client , he sees a familiar face. Marcia is a woman whom he dated 20 years ago. two years after their relationship ended , Marcia married someone else, and Benjamin started graduate school . Maraica has now beem divorced for several years . she chose Benjamin for therapy for her depression because others recommended him and because she believed she could trust him with her problems. Benjamin tells Marcia that he is flattered that she still thinks so highly of him, but he must decline to accept her as a client.He goes on to explain that he does not believe he should provide counseling to someone with whom he once had a close relationship , even if it was many years ago .Marcia is upset by his refusal to see her and calls Benjamin’s interpretation of ethics insensitive , legalistic , and uncaring . She storms out of this office , determined to try and cope with her problems on her own .Benjamin sends Marcia a letter in which he apologize for upsetting her and tries to explain his views more fully. In that letter,he also gives  her the names of three other clinicians whom he recommend . Did Benjamin act ethically ? How do you respond to Marcia’s comment that his view is “legalistic ” ? At this stage , is there anything else he ought to do about the situation )        

2. Go to   Become familiar with the website then  go the the Papers link and pick one paper to read hit the link click here to read the paper. Read the paper.

Write your perspective about the article. In your summary of the article include significant details and what are important points for counselors to consider. ( the article will attach ) 

3. Chapter 8. . 241 Read the Cases for Discussion.  Answer the questions thoroughly at the end of the case.


4. P. 240 Answer question 2 and 5. 

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