UNIT 1 – ENVIRONMENT FIRST ESSAY PROMPT This essay prompt asks you first to familiarize yourself with Santa Barbara County Proposition P, which the people of Santa Barbara County voted in November 2015. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the following documents From Proposition P information offered by the Clerk-Recorder of Santa Barbara County (available as a .pdf on Blackboard) read: – Impartial Analysis – Fiscal Impacts. – Arguments for and against. From – read anything you please.,_Measure_P_(November_2014)

PLEASE NOTE: The link above does not work unless you cut and paste it into your browser. Alternatively, you can go to and search for “Santa Barbara County Fracking Ban Initiative, Measure P Read

L. A. Times article on the measure. story.html#page=1

After you have familiarized yourself with these documents, write an essay of no less than 550 words and no more than 650 words in support of or opposing Proposition P. YOUR ARGUMENT MUST RELY ENTIRELY ON YOUR HISTORICAL KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED ABOUT CALIFORNIA’S ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY OVER THE COURSE OF THE PAST TWO WEEKS. You may relate this history to some of the arguments being made or some of the above materials, but your argument must mainly draw on a historical perspective. The richer your historical argument, the higher your evaluation will be. BE SURE TO BEGIN YOUR ESSAY WITH A SOLID THESIS AND THAT YOU SUPPORT THAT THESIS WITH EVIDENCE.

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