Erastothenes, writing homework help

After reading the posting for each group of mathematicians you will write one-page-report highlighting the three mathematicians who made the most significant contribution.

1- Erastothenes

Born-276 BC Libya

Died- 194 BC

Age upon death- 82

Eratosthenes was a Greek mathematician who was famous for his work of measuring the diameter of the earth (Eratosthenes of Cyrene). Although not many believed in his work at the time, Eratosthenes also measured the distance to the sun as 804,000,000 stadia (ancient Greek unknit of measurement) and the distance to the Moon as 780,000 stadia. He computed these distances through data that he had obtained during a lunar eclipses. Another one of Eratosthenes many contributions was creating an algorithm that discovered prime numbers. This algorithm is called the sieve of Eratosthenes. The sieve of Eratosthenes worked by eliminating all the numbers up to a certain number that were not prime. (Finding the Circumference of the Earth) Aside from that, Eratosthenes also made contributions to science, geography, and literature, providing detailed maps, some containing 675 stars. And discovering the Nile river flood patterns.

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2- Plato

428 BCE Athens Greece

Deceased 348 BCE age 80

Plato was born in 428 BC it is said to have Been born on the seventh day of the ancient Athenian lunar month of Thargelion , approximately May 21. However there are others who believe his birthday is November 7 or not quite sure. He was born in Athens Greece Plato died at the age of 80 and 348 B.C.E. 

 Plate had a strong Belief that everyone should study and master the five mathematic disciplines which are: arithmetic, plane geometry, solid geometry ,astronomy and harmonies. Nonetheless , one could not master philosophy without it. He also argued the benefits of calculating  and how it affects in many scenarios. 

His academy was founded in 387 B.C.E. where he taught that math was important to  understanding  reality  situations such as a general could not sought into battle without geometrical knowledge of math to know which locations to attack and March.

 Plato is known for the five platonic solids tetrahedron, octahedron. Cube, dodecahedron, icosahedrons inspired by these solids a German astronomer in the 1600s Johanna Kepler he was able to use these five solids to measure distances of known planets.

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3-Roger Bacon

Born: 1214

Died: 1292

Approximate age at death was 78

He was an English mathematician. His most important mathematical contribution is the application of geometry to optics. Bacon was one of the main professors to reintroduce Aristotle’s teachings after the University of Paris banned his teachings because he was not a Christian. Bacon studied Aristotle’s teachings while he received a masters degree at Oxford University. So when the university removed the ban of Aristotle’s teaching they sought after Bacon to be one of their main professors to reintroduce them back into Aristotle’s teachings.

Bacon tried to study science in a way that would benefit the church and strengthen its teachings and scriptures through science as a devout Christian. He discovered a rainbow is actually 42 degrees in diameter which was far more accurate than the former theory. He also was one of the first scientists and mathematicians to believe the earth to be a sphere that one could sail all the way around it. 


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