English Writing Assignment

For this assignment, I want you to select one journal entry and make it “audience ready” by crafting it into a piece of writing that conforms to the genre of your choice. Your journal entry as it stands now is a starting place, not an end product. It is your job in this assignment to take an idea, issue, prompt or response you like from your journal and transform it into something with a larger meaning an audience will understand.

This field is wide open! You can write for any genre you choose from the list here.

  • Profile, photo essay, memoir, manifesto, speech, satire, obituary, news article, advertisement, infographic, a dictionary or encyclopedia entry, character analysis, how-to column, review, editorial argument, a “This I Believe” statement, letter (any kind – letter to editor, friend, organization), you can even “rewrite” a Kellner prompt and make it your own.
  • Creative text like a one act play, poem, short story, comic strip, a myth, fairy tale, song lyrics

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