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Rough Draft: 3points 

With the aim of producing a clearly organized, nicely developed, and grammatically polished persuasive essay, your assignment for Paper #5 is to revise your album review to incorporate the viewpoint of another critic. While you should lead with your own thesis, you will support your argument by responding directly to someone else’s opinion. You may agree, of course, but it may also be necessary to disagree, or only agree or disagree to a certain extent. By utilizing refutation and concession, your review will also provide an opportunity to turn the dissenting argument of another writer to your own advantage.

To begin, you will need to locate a review of your chosen album that has been published online. While a basic keyword search (e.g. “Drake If You’re Reading This review”) on Google should provide some useful hits, you may also try searching at an aggregator website like www.metacritic.com/music. What you are looking for is a review from a reputable source (e.g. Rolling StoneThe A.V. ClubAllMusicComplex): we will discuss other possibilities. Please bring a printed copy of at least one review to class on Wednesday, Feb. 24



For guidance as you draft and develop your essays, please read and be prepared to discuss


Papers should be

  •  2 ½  pages in length 
  • typed in a standard font (e.g. 12-point Times New Roman)

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