Creating an amateurism checklist for NCAA college-bound student-athletes

This week will require a full understanding of the amateurism requirements for a college-bound student-athlete. For this task, you willcreate an outline or checklist using MS Word or Excel to simplify the process for the student-athlete that exemplifies guidelines needed for initial eligibility.

Begin by describing a college recruiting session scenario where the compliance officer leads the college-bound student-athlete during a recruiting process. Explain how you will guide and advise a potential college-bound student-athlete on the aspects of eligibility and what amateurism regulations are present at each level of the NCAA.

Next, create an outline or checklist of recruiting guidelines a student-athlete must adhere to when being contacted or approached by a collegiate coach. Construct the material in an orderly and clear manner that will allow the student-athlete to understand amateurism and authorized recruiting techniques.

Your assignment should address the following:

  • Checklist using updated NCAA guidelines
  • Core course requirements
  • Recruiting procedures
  • Amateurism red flags
  • Cover in detail with your student-athlete the Recruiting Calendar regulations while further explaining the National Letter of Intent.

Length: 2–4 pages ( one of the required readings webpage) (one of the required readings webpage) (required reading )

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