Conduct some background research and learn about the requirements for establishing a booth as well as what operating a booth entails.

For this assignment, I would like you to explore your creative side and design your ideal Farmers Market booth.  Conduct some background research and learn about the requirements for establishing a booth as well as what operating a booth entails.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the General Q&A Discussion thread.

Here is your Assignment #4 instructions, grading rubric, and questions:  Farmers Market PlanningPreview the document  (pdf versionPreview the document)

Here’s the Farm Direct FAQPreview the document resource you will need to review prior to completing this assignment.

Also, here is a quick “Need Help with Assign #4?Preview the document” presentation (pdf versionPreview the document) that I put together with some helpful ideas for designing your Farmers Market booth.  There are two YouTube videos linked within the presentation (making your display and booth set-up), which are linked below.

Making your Display  (Links to an external site.)

Booth Set-up (Links to an external site.)

CROP/HORT 300 – Assignment #4 Farmers Market Planning

30 Points

Overview: Following our discussion regarding market gardens and fresh market vegetables, you are now tasked with exploring the Farmers Market direct marketing option further. Many of you have probably been involved in some aspect of Farmers Markets…whether you own/operate a booth or even participate as a patron of Farmers Markets. However, developing a Farmers Market booth is a very complicated process— applications, licenses, labor, orientations, and more. With this assignment, your mission is to answer the attached questions and create a detailed document outlining how you would develop your ideal farmers market booth/stall.

Instructions: 1. To start with, brainstorm some Pros and Cons of Farmers Markets.

a. If you are struggling to create a list of benefits and drawbacks, check out the University of Tennessee’s Extension website.

2. Now, please visit the Oregon Farmers Market website to access information about food safety at Oregon Farmers Markets. After reviewing this page, review the Farm Direct FAQ document linked on this Canvas assignment page to learn more about the specifics of the bill, which became effective in January 2012. Most states will have slightly different requirements.

a. You are not required to create a Farmers Market booth for the Oregon market. However, please be sure that your booth design adheres to the rules and regulations for your state and the guidelines for the specific Farmers Market you will attend.

3. Next, go to the eXtension website illustrating the art of how to create a Farmers Market display. 4. After having an idea of how to plan for and set up a Farmers Market booth, answer the following

questions. Your grade will reflect the quality (i.e. details included) of each answer (as appropriate)…for example, do not simply state that your farmers market booth will feature vegetables, but rather feature ‘Candy Corn’ sweet fresh corn, ‘Arugula’ fresh garden lettuce, and an assortment of Halloween pumpkins.

Grading Rubric: Grading Criteria

No Marks (0 pts.)

Weak (1-49%)

Developing (50-79%)

Strong (80-100%)

Total Points

Questions (total) No attempt

Questions were answered, but

were not complete and vague

Questions were answered in a

mediocre manner

Each question was answered in a

thorough, detailed, and descriptive





1. What is the name of your Farmers Market Stand (i.e. the Farm name, Co-Op, etc.)? (1 Point)


2. How large is your base operation (the number of ft2 or acres, whichever is appropriate to describe

your market garden/farm)? Where is your operation located? To which established Farmers

Market(s) will you be attending to market your products? (5 Points)


3. Will you have any employees to operate your Farmers Market stand? If not, who will be present?

Will these individuals receive compensation for operating the Farmers Market stand? Explain. (5



4. What types of products do you anticipate marketing (fruits, vegetables, processed goods, eggs,

etc.)? Be specific. (4 Points)


5. Is the Farmers Market going to be the only direct marketing strategy/option that you will utilize to

sell goods? Explain your answer/reasoning. If you anticipate using other strategies, which one(s)?

(5 Points)


6. In terms of your Farmers Market booth and display, how will you attract potential customers? (10

Points) (NOTE: Up to 5 points Extra Credit will be awarded for including a drawing or sketch your

ideal Farmers Market booth display—pictures will not be accepted for extra credit).


  • Overview:
  • Instructions:
  • Grading Rubric:
  • Questions:

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