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WA1 ASSIGNMENT: Write a compact business report on specific communication inhibitors that you face right now in your real-world workplace, group, or community. This assignment consists of these parts:

(1) In one or two paragraphs, describe your overall specific workplace, group, or community and explain the types of daily communications that occur there (letters, memos, reports, e-mail messages, presentations, meetings, etc.).

(2) Add a bullet list that pinpoints 5-10 real-world barriers/inhibitors in your workplace, group, or community which currently interfere with good, clear, effective communications.

(3) Complete a table with three columns (for the format, see WA1 PDF under Content > Assignment HELP > PDF’s for Assignments > WA1 PDF), which states: (a) Communication Example (direct quote or paraphrase); (b) Kind of barrier/inhibitor happening in the example; and, (c) Justification of your selection of the inhibitor(s).

(4) Rank your organization’s overall communication effectiveness, using a scale of 1 to 100. In a final short paragraph, explain and justify the score you awarded.

FORMAT: The WA1 paper should be single-spaced with indented paragraphs using regular 12-point Times New Roman font. See the chart in the WA1 PDF under Content > Assignment Help > PDF’s for Assignments.

LENGTH: About two to two-and-a-half pages (1,000 to 1,500 words).

VALUE: 10% of final course grade.


A. Articles in eReserves:

  • 10 Barriers to Communication (A.H. Bell & D.M. Smith)
  • Role of Communication Barriers in Ineffective Communication (MSG Team)
  • Physical Barriers in Communication (R. Pandita)
  • The Barriers to Effective Communication (R. Jain)

B. How-To Video on WA1:

C. Samples of WA1 Submissions:


  • Description of workplace, group, or community
  • Definitions of communication inhibitors
  • Table of communication examples
  • Rating of organization’s communication effectiveness
  • Justification of communication rating

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